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Einkorn is celebrated in Monieux

A true symbol of our region, einkorn, or small spelt, is known in Latin as Triticum monococum. It shouldn’t be confused with spelt, or Triticum spelta, grown in northern Europe (a newer cross variety).

This bread cereal has large amounts of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium and vegetable protein. Naturally rich in lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, einkorn is a highly energetic and caloric cereal. It contains twice as much lipids as wheat. Its high fibre content makes it highly digestible. Einkorn also has an outstandingly low amount of gluten. It has a rich and balanced mineral composition: 4 times as much magnesium as brown rice, 5 times as much phosphorus as soy. Haute Provence einkorn has quality protein. It also has a higher lysine content than most other grains.

Einkorn grains must be shelled before consumption (30% less after shelling). As this was until now done by hand, the crop was abandoned, even though it was well adapted to the poor and dry soils of Haute Provence. Another advantage is that the cereal is strong and resistant to the cold and diseases, and can do without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Nowadays, new production and processing techniques allow this cereal to be grown again.

In Vaucluse, this ancient grain is grown on the Sault plateau, by the lavender fields.

It is strong, resistant to cold, diseases and other infestations. It can do without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Einkorn is a bread cereal.


Some einkorn producers, as part of their diversification, welcome you in lodges or B&B. They will share with you the passion of their experiences and skills.
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  • Petit épeautre en salade
    Pour 4 personnes :
    200 g de petit épeautre, 1 poivron rouge, 1 poivron vert, 1 oignon, 2 toma-tes, 1 salade verte, 2 oeufs durs, 4 anchois, sel, poivre. Vinaigrette: 2 cuillerées à soupe d'huile d'olive, 1 cuillerée à café de vinaigre, sel, poivre.
    Faire cuire l'épeautre dans l'eau salée avec du poivre pendant 30 minutes environ. Remuer de temps en temps et laisser gonfler 10 minutes dans l'eau de cuisson. Egoutter, laisser refroidir. Couper tous les légumes en petits morceaux. Dans un saladier, mélanger l'épeautre avec les légumes. Déco-rer avec les oeufs durs et les anchois. Assaisonner avec une vinaigrette.
    Vous pouvez varier en fonctions de vos goûts (bet-teraves rouges, cornichons, câpres, crevettes, fromage, concombre, endives, champignons de Paris...) 500 calories par personne - 15 minutes de préparation - 180 minutes de cuisson.
  • Generally, all rice recipes can be prepared in a much more original way with einkorn.
    Einkorn can be cooked for 30 minutes either in salted water with pepper and 'bouquet garni' or in a heavy pan with oil. Its nutritious properties are enhanced when it is soaked in advance and rinsed thoroughly, making it easier and quicker to cook.