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Yearly fairs in
Pernes les Fontaines, Cavaillon and Caderousse

The plains around Mont Ventoux, formerly called Comtat-Venaissin and including Cavaillon, are famous for their melons. Local melons were so popular that writer Alexandre Dumas is said to have traded some of his books for a lifelong pension in melons. Melons can be grown in the region due to a suitable climate and sufficient water brought by the canal from the river Durance.

Melon-growing a highly delicate and specialized process. It is sensitive to the wind (mistral) and humidity, and preferably requires ’new’ land. It needs much sunshine and a workforce specialised in pruning and harvesting.
Its flesh is only fragrant and sweet when the melon is perfectly ripe. Its sweetness is measured by its sugar content (refractive index) .The commercially minimum acceptable level is 9% and can go up to 11% for the high-end market.
Melon has a very high beta-carotene content.
Choosing a melon is not easy for the layman. Indeed, writer Alfred de Musset may have said that choosing a friend is like choosing melons – you have to try several before finding the right one. Joking aside, it should be heavy and its tail should come off easily.

Sowing: from February to May, then transplantation into plastic. 
Harvest: from May to September with a main period in July.


Some melon producers, as part of their diversification, welcome you in lodges or B&B. They will share with you the passion of their experiences and skills.
  • La Ferme du Sublon
    quartier le sublon
    84340 Malaucène
    06 10 26 05 27
  • Sorbet de melon au miel
    1 kg de melon, un jus de citron, 5 cuillerées à soupe de miel.
    Après avoir mixé le fruit, rajouter le miel et le jus de citron.
    Mettre dans la sorbetière.
    Peut être accompagné de petites amandes.
  • Melon was formerly used by apothecaries as cephalic caps, or 'cucuphes', to cool down those who needed it due to temperament or ailments. The bizarre caps were applied to the head.