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table grape is celebrated
in Villes sur Auzon

This is a table grape, of the black Muscat variety. It has a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). It is grown only on our soil, where it gets an ideal amount of sunshine for optimum ripeness and an incomparable sweet and musky flavour.

The Muscat of Ventoux is grown on sunny slopes throughout the year by farmers whose expertise and commitment to quality are well established. This table grape can only be handpicked as it must be carefully cut off for impeccable presentation. You will spot pickers’ umbrellas in vineyards as early as late August. It is then, in the hot summer sun, that the early varieties are first harvested.

The vertically or ’lyre’ trellised vines are higher than wine grapes vines. The ’lyre’ culture uses iron rods linked into a V shape. It allows better air circulation between clusters, maximum sunlight and defence against various diseases with a more even ripening.

The Muscat of Ventoux is a tonic fruit, as it provides readily available energy in the form of sugars. It also helps eliminate toxins due to its high water and potassium content. It has a high polyphenol content and a significant amount of B vitamins.

You can sample this variety of table grapes grown exclusively in the Ventoux area in September or October: the black Muscat AOC Muscat du Ventoux is one of the few fruits with a sign of European quality (PDO).


Some table grape producers, as part of their diversification, welcome you in lodges or B&B. They will share with you the passion of their experiences and skills.
  • Ferme Auberge Lou Couguièu
    Chemin de Patey - Route de Flassan
    84570 Villes-sur-Auzon
    04 90 61 74 88
    Gîtes Escapade en Ventoux
    513 chemin de Saumane
    84210 Venasque
    04 90 69 93 02
    gite du chateau de l'air
    833,chemin de Banay
    84380 Mazan
    04 90 69 87 58
    Gîte à Méthamis
    33,Chemin de Lara
    84570 Méthamis
    04 90 61 87 11 - 06 40 41 96 73
    Villa Lavande
    393 chemin st Jean
    84330 St Pierre de Vassols
    04 90 62 41 81
    SCEA Les Fontainiers
    22 Chemin de Modène
    84200 Carpentras
    04 90 60 57 70
    EARL Bezert
    30 Place de l'Eglise
    84210 Vénasque
    06 22 49 13 90
    EPLEFPA Domaine Louis Giraud
    310 Chemin de l'Hermitage - Hameau de Serres
    84200 Carpentras
    04 90 60 80 80
  • Tarte aux raisins
    Pour 6 personnes :
    Préparation de la pâte: faire une pâte avec 200 g de farine, 1 oeuf, 1 cuillerée à soupe d'huile, 2 cuillerées à soupe de lait, 50 g de beurre, 50 g de sucre, 2 cuillerées â soupe d'eau chaude, 1 cuillerée à café d'eau-de-vie.
    Faire un puits avec la farine, ajouter l'oeuf, l'huile, le lait, le beurre ramolli, le sucre et l'eau-de-vie (le tout mélangé au préalable). Pétrir et ajouter de l'eau tiède si nécessaire. Préparation des fruits: laver 1 kg de raisins bien mûrs. Les passer au moulin à légumes (grille assez grossière) pour éliminer la peau et les pépins. Mettre â cuire au moins 40 minutes le jus de raisin avec 10 morceaux de sucre et 4 pommes, poires ou coings. Verser le résiné sur la pâte et faire cuire au four, thermostat 200', pendant 15 minutes.
  • You might be able to pick up the delicate scent of the vine flower in June. Some perfumers use the vine flower in their perfumes.